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Welcome to the Get Rooted In Health Podcast!

I want to help you find purpose in your journey through this life, discover what wellness looks like for you, unpack the different seasons of life God has you in, and renew your mindset so that you can become rooted and established in more rewarding thoughts and habits.

I know what it feels like to get overwhelmed in Motherhood, to feel frustrated with your health and wellness, to wonder what God is trying to teach you in another hard season of life.

Do you wish there was a space where you could feel understood and learn to process your emotions? Do you struggle with finding the time to invest in your own well-being let alone finding the right resources to rely on to help you navigate nutrition and fitness? Are you desiring to cultivate a nourishing home with a more natural and holistic approach to living? Are you finding that you have passions outside of Motherhood that you want to tap into but aren’t sure how to, lack the confidence, or struggle with the Mom guilt? How about navigating your relationship with God and the seasons of life He has called you to? I believe there’s a transformation for you because I’ve walked it and I’m still walking through it!

Hey, I’m Gabby. Faith filled and led by God’s truths. I’m a wife, mother, and multi passionate entrepreneur. After getting married I discovered my love for all things health and wellness. I am a certified Nutritional Consultant, Personal Trainer and owner of Rooted In Health, LLC since 2016. Motherhood came into the picture right as I began to design a business for my passions forcing me to learn how to navigate both worlds and desires. It hasn’t always been easy, as successful as I hoped, or how I envisioned but I’m here and I am determined to keep showing up. God has led me through SO many seasons of life that have taught me to keep getting back up. So here I am, getting up and showing up with a gift He has placed on my heart for you Mommas. I believe He wants to use me on a platform like this to create a community and to encourage you Mom’s because, let’s be honest, Motherhood is no joke!

There’s so much to unpack together so I invite you to join me as we Get Rooted together. Pop that earbud in while getting the kids breakfast, drinking reheated coffee in your messy bun, folding the laundry, or working up a sweat and get ready to have massive growth! Your time is NOW!

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